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Bequest builds LGBTI Residence for Homeless Youth

On Monday, July 20, the cornerstone for a new homeless youth residence was laid in Manhattan. All this was made possible by the late actress, Bea Arthur (Dorothy from “Golden Girls”), who, before she died in 2009, set aside $300,000 in her will for just this purpose.

25 Percent of Homeless Youth are LGBT

The “Bea Arthur Residence for Homeless LGBT Youth” on 13th St. in the East Village will open this year with room for over 100 young people. Following official estimates, 25 percent of American homeless people under 20 are children, whose parents kicked them out because of their sexual orientation or gender. This homeless shelter is part of the Ali Forney Center, an organization that focuses exactly on this problem. Their management received an additional 3 million dollars from the city of New York, in order to build this new residence.

First Gay Wedding in American TV History

Arthur was an advocate of the LGBT movement, while she was alive, and had ideas for several revolutionary episodes of “Golden Girls”, during which gays and lesbians were portrayed as completely normal people. In 1985, the first gay wedding in American TV history was shown on “Golden Girls”, 30 years before it was officially possible.


Picture: Touchstone Home Video


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