Bruno Gmünder produces Michael Stokes Record-Setting Project

After the financing of the new photobook project from Michael Stokes was secured in record time (267 supporters topped the financial goal of $48,250 in just 73 minutes), the rush on the project continues unabated.

Stokes 2

At Bruno Gmünder, where the production of the luxurious double picturebook, “Exhibition”/”Always Loyal”, is taking place, Stokes’ triumph is further proof of the power of gay online networks. The publishing house already accompanied the resounding success of Thomas Knight’s photo and exhibition project, Red Hot, as well as bringing Stokes’ previous book, Bare Strength, to fruition. The release of “Always loyal” and “Exhibition” is planned for October. The first of the coffee-table books shows erotic photos of war-torn U.S. soldiers. The second is dedicated to poses by bodybuilders, athletes, and fitness models.


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