„The devil has attacked you“

A documentary on reparative therapy shows: Doctors in Germany treat gays to become heterosexual

A documentary on Conversion therapy (also called reparative therapy) reveals that there are doctors in Germany that consider homosexuality a disorder and therefore want to treat gays to become heterosexual. In a self-experiment, TV Journalist Christian Deker visited registered doctors that move in devout Christian circles. The doctors propose treatments that would change his sexual orientation from homosexual to heterosexual. Such treatments have been criticized as pseudoscience and have been a source of controversy in the United States and other countries.

The documentary by Christian Deker and Oda Lambrecht was broadcast for the first time in 2014 and caused outrage, not only within the gay community in Germany. It is available now with English subtitles.

Foto: NDR/Mandy Mülling


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  1. Alexander Flemming

    Das ist meiner Meinung nach eine Riesensauerei dass sich solche Personen überhaupt Arzt nennen dürfen denen gehört die Approbation entzogen die dürften meiner Meinung nach nie wieder als Arzt arbeiten solche abartigen Rassisten gehören hinter Gitter und nicht in eine Arztpraxis!!!

  2. Jon Kitchen

    This is utterly ridiculous. I logged in because GayStar News provided a link about adoption,which bothered me,so i wanted to see what was going on. Then I find this.What crap, these doctors are insane. Homosexuality is proven to be a genetic extenuation of the genome.There is no need for a cure. If they are worried about nature,then they should realize that nature is providing more and more homosexual people because there are too many people on the planet. It’s a natural progression to save resources.

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